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Computer Safety

Find A Safer Computer

If other people can access your computer, please take a moment to think about whether your computer is safe. This is particularly important if the person abusing or stalking you may have access to your computer.

If you have any reason to think that your computer may not be safe due to Spyware, Keystroke Logging, Viruses, or someone monitoring your computer use in some other way, please consider finding a safer computer in your area such as a trusted friend or public library with internet access.  Go to to find a local library.

Reduce Browsing History Records

Clearing or deleting a browser history does not guarantee that the trail is completely erased.  It is not possible to clear ALL web browsing history on the computer.

Keep in mind that if an abuser/stalker is currently monitoring your browsing history and sees a completely empty history all of a sudden, the abuser/stalker may become suspicious.

Every browser (Chrome, Internet Explorer, Fire Fox, Safari, etc.) has a different set of instructions for clearing the history. If you do decide to reduce your browsing history click here for more information.

General Technology Safety

National Network to End Domestic Violence (NNEDV) –
Resources (more information through NNEDV) –