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Donate Stocks or Securities

Donating appreciated securities, such as stock or mutual funds, is a tax-wise way to support NOVA’s work. Contact your financial planner or tax advisor to assist you in evaluating the tax advantages available to you.

Gifts of stocks, bonds, or mutual funds support NOVA’s work and provide advantages for you as a donor. Here’s what you need to know:

  • You can donate appreciated stocks, bonds or mutual funds.
  • The total value of the stocks is tax-deductible upon transfer.
  • There may be no obligation to pay capital gain taxes on the appreciation.

Transferring Shares from a Brokerage Account

If the shares are held at a securities firm or other brokerage account, securities to be donated to Network of Victim Assistance should be delivered to Univest National Bank & Trust Company through the Institutional Delivery (ID) System of the Northern Trust Company.

  • Account Number: 17-95029
  • The Northern Trust Institutional ID: 28375
  • The Agent Bank #: 20290
  • The Agent Clearing (DTC): 2669

Instruct your broker to enter your name, as well as any other contact information that will help to identify your gift, into the “Text Comment” field of the DTC screen.

Your donated stocks will be sold immediately (through NOVA’s broker at Univest) for their market value at the time you transfer them to us. NOVA does not hold on to stocks.

We ask that you kindly notify NOVA of any gift of stocks or securities in advance by contacting Michelle Cash, Director of Development at 215-343-6543 ext. 6602 or by e-mail at It is important that you notify NOVA so that your gift can be properly acknowledged. Any other questions regarding donations of stocks or securities can be directed to the Univest Foundation at 1-877-723-5571.