Bucks County Moms, you’re invited to become a safety ambassador for our kids!

Network of Victim Assistance (NOVA) is the official partner in a statewide initiative with a goal of training 5% of adults in the signs of abuse, with a focus on learning easy and practical ways to stop abuse before it happens. We’re hosting meet-ups across the county to give moms the chance to meet each other, learn more about the free programming we offer and the small paid opportunities that are available for our ambassadors.

More moms on board means safer, healthier environments for our kids. We hope to see you there!

Adults Trained So Far

CSA Stoppers Needed

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Become a CSA Stopper

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Attend an Upcoming Moms Meet-Up

All events are free to attend and open to all Bucks County moms. Please RSVP on Facebook or by emailing grace@novabucks.org.

Centennial Moms Meet-Up

Pennridge Moms Meet-Up

CB Moms Meet-Up

Get confidential support and information 24 hours a day.

It’s up to us, as adults, to stop CSA before it happens.

We all have a part to play in ending the cycle of Child Sexual Abuse.
Watch now and see how you can make a difference.

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